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it all began way way back when 4 summers ago. my mothers name is Janice, my name is Erin(a.k.a.Kanner), my sisters name is Lisa, amd my dads name is Andrew. so forth the first initial became the word JELA, and since a boat floats in the water that is how SEA came to be.

Our 25' ODay Sailing Sloop is co-owned and operated by two couples... We have sailed together for years both our own vessel and charters... Granfalloon means - a group of wandering, aimless people... which is our aspiration whenever we go sailing... Name was also picked for the old tradition of luck when double vowels follow double consonants...

Our last name is Penny

This is my first boat, purchased when I finished my Ph.D. and moved to a warmer climate and started teaching. The name comes from the topic of my dissertation: "Production and Control in a Just-In-Time Environment Using Neural Networks." Actually, the name really comes from the fact that I purchased the boat just in time to retain my sanity after the long draining process of going through a Ph.D. program in Bleaksburg Va.

My 21.5' 1989 Marlin Cobra got some recent performance and appearance upgrades. Looks BAD, sounds BAD, (both the 500 watt stereo and the upgraded engine with new through hull exhaust!) but it is really just a mostly stock OMC King Cobra stern drive boat. Hence the name, it's half fast!

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